22 March, 2010

my Rock

Deuteronomy 32:3-4

For I proclaim the name of the LORD;
Ascribe greatness to our God!
The Rock! His work is perfect,
For all His ways are just;
A God of faithfulness and without injustice,
Righteous and upright is He.

Jesus ~ name above all names!
Jesus alone is my Rock.
He alone is great.
His work alone is perfect.
His ways alone are just.
He alone is faithful.
He alone is without injustice.
He alone is righteous.
He alone is upright.
And because of all these things:
In Him alone I trust.
In Him alone I have life.
In Him alone I have salvation.
In Him alone I have hope.
Christ in me ~ the hope of glory.
All praise to His name.
Jesus, my Rock.

21 March, 2010

teach us

Psalm 90:11-12

Who understands the power
of Your anger
And Your fury, according to
the fear that is due You?

So teach us to number our
That we may present to You a
heart of wisdom.

Lord, have mercy on our nation.