27 January, 2010

26 January, 2010


giocoso ~ merrily, funny

25 January, 2010


sostenuto ~ sustained; prolonged

24 January, 2010


"tranquillamente" ~ tranquilly

23 January, 2010


"vivace" ~ lively and fast

22 January, 2010


" andante" ~ at a walking pace

21 January, 2010

allegro appassionato

" allegro appassionato" ~ fast and passionately

20 January, 2010


Thank you for all your kind words in comments and emails. They were very encouraging. Grief is a something that touches all our lives in different ways at different times.

Until my "blog voice" returns I'm going to begin a new series of pictures. It will be along the lines of stills ~ but with a twist. I've had this in mind for sometime now and am anxious to start snapping pictures after work today, if the natural light accomodates!