24 March, 2009

Search and Rescue

[Help! Help!]
"Oh no! We lost one!!!"
Quick! The buddy system! "Hold on ... we're on the way!"
[::whimper:: "Okay!]
[You came all this way down for me?!? ::joy::]
"We couldn't just leave you hanging there slipping, little guy :)"
"Stay close. We'll make sure you find your way back."
"Just a little further... careful, it gets narrow towards the top..."
"See? There's enough room for everyone. One big happy family."
[::sigh:: My heroes!]

01 March, 2009


Because of the promise of each new day...

Because weight born in faith serves to strengthen...

Because blessing is available to all...

Because thirst is quenched...

Because a miraculous translation to above awaits...
Because I want to remember.