20 June, 2008

Beaded Knitting

Here’s a very brief picture overview of beaded knitting... pattern to follow in tomorrow's post.

For this project I used size 11/0 seed beads, DMC crochet cotton (perle 8) and size #000 steel knitting needles. It would be a good idea to work up a small swatch in garter stitch just to get comfortable with the needles and thread.

For this small bag/amulet I choose a dark sage green thread with silver-lined dark amethyst seed beads. An 18 gram tube of Bread Treasures Czech glass beads provided more than enough for this project.

First, transfer the seed beads onto your thread with a bead spinner. I like to unwind several yards of thread and store the bulk of the beads further in so I’m not spending so much time pushing them down the spool.

Another option is purchasing a hank of pre-strung seed beads and transferring them onto your thread with a beading needle. This project would require about 4-5 strands from a hank.

Casting on 18, your first two rows are straight knitting.
Row 3
Knit 3, then slip one bead toward your work so it goes between the stitch you just finished and the next stitch. Then, knit one.
The bead will now be on the backside of your work between stitches 3 and 4.
Continue in this manner to the end of the row *slip 1, knit 1*, slip 1, ending with knit 3.
You will now have a row with 13 beads in the back of your work.
Row 4
Knit 3, *slip one, knit 1*, slip 1, ending with knit 3.
You will now have a row with 13 beads both in the front and the back of your work.

As the pattern continues, the number of beads added between the stitches increases until you reach the middle, then decreases to the end.

After casting off, fold the piece in half, hand sew the sides (this will be the inside) and turn right-side out.
Everyone has their own fun way to add the finishing touches.

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